How to Save Money with a Family

save money
save money

Hi, my name is Amira and I like to save money. I moved to Boston, MA back in 2012 from Colorado for life-altering changes. I was getting married and moving to the east coast to be with my husband.  

Shortly after we had children and I became more aware of how expensive living and entertainment were in Boston. I tried clipping coupons and finding activities to do online but it was time-consuming and I was annoyed when I had to get scissors out to cut out coupons. 

I had started following how-to-save money blogs but I didn’t enjoy that too much, I had to sift through deals I didn’t enjoy or need. Again I was wasting time and I didn’t like that. 

So to get more outdoor activities scheduled I started looking up my local town of Boston and to my surprise, there is plenty to do. Some activities are budget-friendly and others are free.

I would have so many activities and festivals I wanted to go and take the family but I would forget where it was but I couldn’t remember where I had seen the information. So I started a Facebook page BOS_mom for a means of containing all the information I wanted to experience. Some were local festivals, others were shopping deals like grocery, baby gear or clothes shopping deals.

My friends started noticing the great places we as a family were exploring and wanted to know more. So I started adding my friends and family to my BOS_mom Facebook page. So whenever I found a nice activity I wanted to try or a good deal I found I would just add it to the BOS_mom Facebook page and it was visible to anyone. 

The Facebook page has started to have more “likes” outside of my acquaintances. Which I’m totally ok with. If I can help someone save a few dollars, then I feel as if I saved those dollars. 

save money

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