Does Homeschooling Cause Socialization Problems?


Hello, my name is Rachel Rogers from Smithfield, NC. I am a married mom of 3 boys who are 11,2, and 1 yrs old. I homeschool my oldest son and I plan on homeschooling all of my children. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach, I specialize in Women’s Empowerment, Life Purpose, Personal Development, and Toxic Relationships.

Do you homeschool your children?

Hey moms, I have a question that is often hard to talk about. Do you homeschool your children or do they attend a public or private school? This subject is often avoided amongst other moms because of the risk of being judged. I get judged about it by strangers, friends and even family members. I used to be bothered by it until I took a deep look into why I was homeschooling and that we were doing what was best for OUR family.


I have been homeschooling my eleven yr old for about two years now. If we are out and about doing things during school hours people sometimes ask questions as to why he’s not in school. “Oh, there was no school today?”, is what some people say. Our response is usually, “Yes he had school today, we homeschool.” It’s amazing how many people embrace homeschooling. However, it’s just as amazing to see that so many people aren’t familiar with it. Some people ask questions and actually listen with an open mind while others look at me weird or say awkward comments about it. (I don’t know about you but this makes my anxiety go bonkers) The main question I get is usually about socialization. So many people think that homeschooled children are sheltered, “weird” kids who don’t have good communication skills. This misconception always confuses me because I have known children who went to public school and didn’t have good communication skills. I knew children who went to public school and were called “weird”. I was “that kid” and I went to public school.


In my opinion, the school does not justify how social or non-social the child may be. I remember when my son attended a public school in the fourth grade I saw his class in the cafeteria eating their lunch. I asked him why everyone was so quiet and he responded that because someone in the class was misbehaving that they all had to have a “silent” lunch and no recess. That form of discipline was so harsh to me because for one I didn’t think that the whole class should have been punished because of one child. Also, when I was growing up lunch and recess was the time that you had to socialize and have fun in between the daily lectures. So many times when people want to go back and forth about socialization I think back to this experience that my son had in public school. A lot of people who aren’t educated about homeschooling think that the child just stays home all day loaded with assignments, has no friends and doesn’t go anywhere. This stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. 


There are many so many activities and resources that are around now that are geared towards homeschooling families that it makes it easier to interact with other people. There are Blogs, Forums, MeetUp Groups, Social Media Groups and more, there are also organizations in some communities that offer extracurricular activities to homeschooled children. On top of these resources, there are also real-life experiences. For example, when we go places we interact with people that we cross paths with and our children do the same. Despite what some people may say about homeschooled children my child has pretty good communication skills. The cool thing about him is that he can interact with children very well as well as with older people. Some people are surprised at how he speaks about subjects like science, sports and life in general in such a mature matter. 

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, socialization and all life skills should be taught at home and they should be enforced in “school”. The socialization skills of people are based on so many factors, therefore just because a person chooses to homeschool their child does not mean that they should be categorized as one group of antisocial children. Hopefully, the more that people become educated about homeschooling and the socialization aspect of it the more people will be more accepting of it. Until then I am going to continue to homeschool and spread my experience and knowledge and I hope that you will as well. Peace.

Rachel Rogers

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4 thoughts on “Does Homeschooling Cause Socialization Problems?

    1. Exactly, when it all comes down to it that’s how I feel! Yes, I feel like people should mind their business personally. Unfortunately, so many people feel the need to criticize and put “try” to put their two cents in. We are still going to do what’s best for our family regardless, we are happy and the children are happy. 🙂

  1. I was a homeschooled kid, 6th grade through 12th. And the number one question I remember being asked was “What about socialization?” I loved explaining that I had numerous groups, field trips, dance classes, and even prom with other homeschoolers. It’s funny to hear that this is still one of the more common questions! 😊

    1. That’s so cool to hear that you were homeschooled! Before I started homeschooling I wasn’t aware of all the resources out there, but I chose to educate myself on it and I love it! We do the same when we are asked, at first it was a little awkward but now we let them know about all of the activities and groups that we have going on. People just need to take the time to want to be educated on it instead of being ignorant. 🙂

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